Andy Schroeder – President of South Central Steel (SCS)

Andy Schroeder scs

Over the course of his career, South Central Steel (SCS) President Andy Schroeder has facilitated the growth of several engineering and development companies in the South and the Midwest. He has held his current positioni since 2012, during which time he has overseen the distribution of structural steel to clients throughout the southeastern United States. Andy Schroeder comes to this position after having served for two years as a vice president at SCS. In that capacity, he leveraged a strong industry network to secure more than 90 percent of the company’s business.

Also involved in managing more sizable company projects, Mr. Schroeder draws on 20 years of related experience. He joined SCS following service as a development manager and, later, as the vice president of development and construction for Capstone Development and Direct Development. Working in both the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Nashville, Tennessee, markets, he administered budgets as high as $50 million and teams that were hundreds strong.

Andy Schroeder joined Capstone Development after a successful tenure as a regional sales manager for LAW Engineering. In that position, he helped launch the company's most productive growth period in more than 30 years. He approached his career with a bachelor's degree in finance, as well as two years of higher education in engineering.